Thursday, September 18, 2008

Episode 21- Dr. Newman

Dr. Draper decided to refer me out to a psychiatrist who could handle my prescription needs. He felt that the psych could better know drug interactions and possibly some more affective drugs.

I actually began seeing Dr. Newman in September shortly after the Zoloft experience. On our first few session it felt a lot like talking to Dr. Schneiman, however Newman was much more quiet and reserved. And he seemed overly willing to prescribe me anything I wanted. He had a million samples in his office and was always asking me if I wanted some. But I exhibited some self control and passed.

But on one visit that fall I told him I wanted to try the new Ambien CR sleep aid that I'd seen heavily advertised all over TV. He was eager to prescribe it for me. That is what I learned about those doctors. They are in the drug business and are alwasy excited to push a new drug on you.

So I started the Ambien CR and continued to see Newman twice a month. He never really counseled me on anything. It was always a drug re-evaluation to see how things were working for me and what I wanted to change. This seemed to help with my Ativan problem because I told him I needed a higher dose and he was all for it, never questioning my level of addiction. So I upped that and I upped the Trazodone too. I was high as a kite. What a cocktail I swallowed every evening!


Tracie said...

I hate "those" Dr.'s. My Aunt had gotten addicted to prescribed meds. from Dr.'s who never questioned, just kept prescribing. Now she is an illegal drug addict, and litterally can't take care of her 2 children. It has destroyed her marriage and her kids forever. I'm so glad you were strong enough. I know your story will give many women strenght and courage.

Krystin said...

This is what I am deathly afraid of, I am so far liking My Dr, he's pretty reserved as far as meds far that is....